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Saving YOU money and saving the environment, one solar panel at a time.

We know that one of your most valuable assets is your home and any changes or enhancements can impact its market value, but more importantly it can affect your comfort and security. Solar panels are effective power sources that also lend aesthetic value complimenting your home or business. With our 100% financing, utility rebates, and government incentives, you can get started with $0 down and immediately add value to your property and see the savings as soon as your first month!

With these great incentives, NOW is a better time than ever to go Solar!

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Cal Solar Store offers a full service turnkey operation with EASY finance options.


Cal Solar Store has been installing solar panels since 2002 with extensive experience ranging from small home installations to large corporate installations. We combine our expertise with local utilities to provide one of the best cost-per-watt pricing options in the region. Our pricing, along with Federal and State incentives on renewable energy, offers you huge savings. We make your switch to solar easy and convenient.

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  • As a homeowner, part of your monthly budget is allotted to paying energy bills. These bills fluctuate depending on the changing climate and usage. Wouldn’t you like a way to stabilize or eliminate your monthly bill? If so, then solar power is the answer!
  • Living in the Southwest region of The United States, we are greeted daily with abundant sunshine. Why not turn this natural power source into the energy that runs your home.
  • By choosing solar power, you don’t only reduce your energy bills, but you also reduce your carbon footprint. Since your home generates power from the sun, it no longer has to rely on electricity produced by fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas.


  • As a business owner, you can reduce your financial burden by switching utility power to solar energy. A business requires a great deal of power on a daily basis. By converting this power into solar energy, you can reduce your monthly costs while helping the environment. We will research your current and past power usage to create a system scaled specifically for your power needs.
  • The Southwest United States has constantly high levels of solar energy from the sun. The exact level at which solar energy can power your business depends on your usage, building location, mounting options and any blockage, such as trees and other structures on the business site.
  • Economically, the cost of a solar energy system is reasonable for most businesses. The tax incentives available reduce the cost and provide a positive return on investment, enabling many businesses to achieve an internal rate of return on their solar investment that more than justifies the capital expenditure. We will help you calculate the benefits of solar to your business. Contact us to find out how a solar power system can be a financial gain for your business while also helping to improve the environment.


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