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Our customers have saved a whole lot by switching to renewable energy. One of the many advantages of solar panels as a source of renewable energy.

”I was looking for solar panels on my own for my new project. California Solar Store was the Solar Store for me.

They were very professional and reasonably priced. They saved me a lot of time and guesswork. “


By choosing solar power, you don’t only reduce your energy bills, but you also reduce your carbon footprint. Since your home generates power from the sun, it no longer has to rely on electricity produced by fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas.

”I needed help with a lot of work to be done on my condo.

I felt very comfortable with them and I am very pleased with all the work they did. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs work done… “


ENPHASE Microinverters

IQ8 Series Microinverters improve the reliability standards from previous generations with over a million hours of power-on testing—enabling Enphase to provide an industry-leading warranty. Enphase Energy Systems are based on a distributed architecture. This modular microinverter design means you can easily expand a system as home energy needs grow.  To know more click here or click the images below.

Franklin Home Power Batteries

Franklin Home Power goes well beyond the demand for safe, reliable back-up to optimise daily household energy management, bringing you whole-home energy independence. The core FHP components are the aGate intelligent controller, the aPower batteries, and the FranklinWH App.

Solar Inverters

SunGoldPower is a renewable energy company that was founded by a famous engineer in 2014. We are committed to providing green power solutions with solar inverter, low frequency inverter, solar panel, solar/battery system and other green energy products. Each SunGoldPower product is manufactured according to the highest quality standards.

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